The Empty Nest- Where’s the laundry fairy when you need her?

Family check:-
Eldest minor mini crisis – presentation at work – always scary but good for development.
Middleno crisis – having an excellent time in Jo’burg bonding with elephants.
Youngestminor crisis– girlfriend is visiting and laundry needs to be done.
Other Half usual mini crisis – too much work – not enough time and wanting to get in the garden to tidy up veggie patch but being asked (?) by me to organise new flooring.
Me – major crisis – accounts week. Need to stop being distracted by the Internet and knuckle down otherwise no one will be paid.

Two Skypes to Youngest  in 3 weeks – pretty good going I reckon. Knowing he had 14 pairs of pants with him and the deadline for laundry was looming it was a pleasant surprise to see in the background of the screen the airer we had squeezed into the car. And it was covered in clothes.
‘Done some washing then I see,’ I try to casually remark.
‘Yeah. Lights and darks.’
Result! First lesson on sorting laundry into similar colours accomplished.
‘Powder’s expensive.’
‘But I packed you some.’ I replied. ‘Tablets, in case the machines don’t take liquid easily. I left it on your shelf.’
‘Oh, those.’ I could see in his eyes the penny drop. ‘I thought they were for the dishwasher.’
It’s at times like this my heart sings. Where would I be without these gems in my life? Why Youngest thought there would be a dishwasher in his student accommodation I don’t know.
Is it my fault? I’ve made him too comfortable?  Whatever.
Note to self: don’t be complacent and think laundry lessons for Youngest completed – revise basics:-  ‘washing detergent comes in many forms.’



About Teresahamiltonwriter

Recipe for a Writer Ingredients: • 1 woman • 1 writing habit • 2 husbands • 3 children Method 1. Whisk suburban childhood; followed by a tablespoon of teaching. 2. Mix with travel to produce a stewardess. 3. Stir in love potion, marriage; resulting in daughter. 4. When mixture reaches boiling point, beat in divorce. 5. Slowly marinade extra love potion and 2nd husband. 6. Blend in two more children. 7. Steep in inspiration by relocating. 8. Toss in imagination and perspiration producing: articles, novels, children’s stories and a memoir. 9. Bake in Sussex countryside. 10. Serve with competition successes, red wine and enjoy.
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